Posted by: ChildOfMary | July 16, 2010

Obama and Collective Salvation – Oh, the Irony

{If you aren’t familiar with the concept of Collective Salvation and it’s relationship to Obama, read this first.}



1. A government ruled by or subject to religious authority.
2. A state so governed

For decades, Christians have been told by liberals, progressives, and atheists that religion has no place in the Public Square – that our beliefs cannot even inform our civic discourse and our support or lack thereof for legislation. At times, we have been accused of wanting to impose our beliefs on everyone else – and of desiring to establish a “theocracy”. For most of us (never say all, else they’ll find the sole dissenter) these accusations were just plain ridiculous.

Now we are governed by someone who says: “my individual salvation is not going to come about without a collective salvation for the country.”  So in order to be saved, he must save all of us – the entire country. Think this might inform his political thought, his legislation, the regulations he issues, the people he picks to run the country? And if it does, are we finally going to have that feared “theocracy”? Ironic? – You betcha!!


  1. The real irony isn’t that these ideas (ie: collective salvation) are suddenly prevalent and acceptable, but that any opposing view (ie: individual salvation) is still mocked and ridiculed along with those who adhere to it.

    Those who have a conservative, orthodox (small “o”) Christian faith are somehow still getting the short end of the stick.

    It is ironic.

  2. Let’s see if I get this straight. My faith isn’t supposed to inform my decisions; especially in the public square? Tell that to fmr President Carter. The guy used to do Sunday school, last I heard.

    Hate to break it, to secularists and atheists but this is impossible. It would be easier to shoot the person than for their faith to NOT inform their decisions. Guess what? They know it!

    Oddly enough, we can’t totally blame the atheists and the secular progressives. Years ago, I met a very conservative Christian who told me that Christians have no business in politic or public service. I’ve heard this in other circles.

    It is shocking that these guys are so blind to their folly when declaring this. If good men of godly characters do nothing to steer this country then who will? Let’s stop blaming others for our negligent behavior. They’re not the ones at fault here. We are.

    We need to encourage godly men adn women of BOTH parties to stand up adn do what is right. We need to tell them, “Be not afraid to ask God and be lead by Him!” Even more we need to keep praying for Pres. Obama and all the other elected leaders.
    Finally, let’s quit the blame game!

  3. Collective salvation – next they will throw babies into fires in all our names, to save us.

  4. Trying to separate God and country they end up putting them together. Government is now God in their own image. Jesus said, “render unto Ceasar that which is Ceasar’s, and unto God that which is God’s.” They have taken that which is God’s and made it Ceasar’s.

  5. I agree to what barryb64 said, about the “quit the blaming game”, our newly elected president sure is devoted on delivering the country he is leading right now unto the right track, maybe you guys just happened to misinterpret what he really wanted to say.

  6. I cannot stand hearing the rhetorical “right track” and/or “right direction” in politics. There is no such thing. We are a nation of individuals, not a collective. What I consider to be the right track for my life is not going to be the same as yours. We were given the gift of a country that was intended to allow us to each follow our own paths based on our own talents and motivation so that we could become the best that we were willing to work for. On. Our. Own.

    It is not government’s job to move the country in ‘the right direction’ because that is a fool’s errand. Government is not supposed to be our supervisor, it is supposed to be our servant. It is supposed to facilitate our individual journeys, not place detours in our way.

  7. Looking for more views of the irony of faith in religion. Doing a essay on Langston Hughes “Salvation” for my english class in college. This is a modern day look at what I’m looking for. I would like to view other opinions on this subject.

    • Kenneth,

      Your comment has prompted a new post put up today, titled “Of Christianity, Langston Hughes, and Irony” — hope it contains at least something you were seeking. It also ends with a question for you.


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